Slow Traveler

words by Samson Occom (1774)

melody by Jeremiah Ingalls (1805)

A Mohegan Native American, Samson Occom lived from 1723 to 1792 and was instrumental in building bridges between the Native Americnas and the newly arrived Europeans. His entry into the Christan Faith and activities as a minister and missionary was groundbreaking. He helped found a school in Lebanon, CT, which eventually became Dartmouth College. Read his full bio here.

Occom lyrics to Slow Traveler seem to indicate that he feels behind in his spiritual journey compared to the people around him. He is urging them to go on ahead and he will catch up. He is the slow traveler. It is subtitled "Oh Happy Souls How Fast You Go." Read Occom's original words here.

Here is Phil Snedecor's new arrangement with himself on trumpet and Elisabeth Tomczyk, piano