How Can I Keep from Singing (1869)

by Robert Wadsworth Lowry(1826-1899)

Robert Lowry was a Baptist minister by profession, but was very adept at composing music as well as spinning a tale. His varied vocabulary, imagination, and sense of humor made his stories riviting to his audiences. His words were, by all reports, inspirational. Later in life, after resigning from the minsitry, he dove into music full time. Music became his true passion. He composed over 500 Hymns, many of which are still in use today.

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"How Can I Keep from Singing" (also known as "Always Rejoicing") has been adopted by modenrn day Quakers even though Quakers traditionaly do not sing or have music in their services. Post Civil War Quakers were permitted to have music in the service, and this song has become a sort of Anthem for post 19th century Quakers.

Here is Phil Snedecor's new arrangement with himself on trumpet and Elisabeth Tomczyk, piano

Here is the original hymn written in 1869.